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Lego 4 x 4 Project with Arduino

LEGO 4×4 project with Arduino
I started to create a Lego car some time ago, and i decided to put it here.

I wanted a 4×4 with independent suspension ad traction to be controlled remotely by Arduino and android.

First I test a servo with direction worked fine but I didn’t like the suspension, so i planned a bigger system.

I will put photos here from recent to older.


Video of the project so far:

Arduino in Lego car. Doing some tests
– 3 diferentials (front is not yet ok)
– steering with 1 servo
– power with motor (9kg/power)

Input is from USB from my laptop, but i will put it from Android with wireless





IMG_20131116_164010 IMG_20131116_163938



IMG_20130901_161307 IMG_20130831_124218 IMG_20130901_161112 IMG_20130901_161133 IMG_20130901_161241

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